Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What are those fat-cats in Texas thinking?

What are those fat-cats in Texas thinking? How can they disregard the laws of the country and the rules that they themselves set up, to further their agenda? I'm a conservative, but today, I am ashamed of that! Men, subjecting a woman to standing for hours, prohibiting her to even lean on the podium, while she is trying to defend her point of view? At one point, when someone tried to help her with her BACK BRACE, her majority colleagues protested it for an hour! What kind of men are they? The ones that fear everything, starting with the women, probably, and ending with the fear of change. Fear of kindness. Conservatives! Do they think, that the abortion is an issue that the government can settle? Like the homosexuality, which is not what I morally accept, can not be an issue that the authorities vote for. Of course, when it comes to the gay-partners having the same benefits as the straight ones, then the Uncle Sam, or Uncle Olaf (in Scandinavia), or Uncle Vladimir (OH, God!) can step in and decide things for the simple folk. We, in the United States, are not only the Christian nation, but also a progressive and humane society. Why the heck do we want the dinosaurs, like those in Texas, ruling our lives? Perhaps, we could simply try to live more according to the common sense and decency? Why don't we? Why?

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