Friday, June 7, 2013


One day, when she already lived with me, Dr. Park called to say that he was coming here too. Logistics aside (Roberta has a tiny room that hardly fits one bed in there), I was scared to deal with, yet another, Asian man, and a Korean, to boot. The Koreans don't mince words, they tell you what's on their mind, very unlike the Japanese. I thought, he'll be too critical and demanding. Upon his arrival, he didn't hold his opinions back, but  immediately started cleaning the house and cooking every meal. he doesn't have an off switch. He managed the space in Roberta's room beautifully, laying a mattress down for himself at night and putting it up at night. He banished the cats from that room, but since that learned to like them. 
The first time he came here, Dr. Park cleaned, cooked, taught my children music and preached non-stop.   
My husband has a very peculiar habit: in the mornings he is unapproachable.The smallest thing gets his dander up. That is the reason that we, virtually, never talk in the mornings. He gets ready for work, picks up his banana for breakfast (that's all he wants so early in the day) and leaves me in peace. We have  a sort of a grudging agreement on that itinerary. Dr. Park could not stomach that. He'd be up since six, fixing soup and other things for breakfast. A couple of times he talked Taka into eating something. He sat opposite to him, looking with dewy eyes on the proceedings at the table. He then would pick up Taka's briefcase and see him to the door. He, probably, would've kissed him good bye, if I wasn't right there (or because that would be just too weird!). 

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