Wednesday, June 26, 2013


We put a soft towel into the box, for the kittens to be comfy. After the meal, though, they didn't feel like sleeping. All of them, except one, started to wrestle and explore the new place. Most of them hissed at us, but they couldn't do any real damage with their tiny claws and fangs. The furry little beasties rolled on top of each other and tried to chew their brothers' and sisters' limbs off. One of them didn't participate in the onslaught: a patchwork colored girl would only peek cautiously at her siblings' horseplay from behind the corner of the box. 
Sonny had to move to Hanah's room, to avoid smelling the kittens' poops. He was also afraid to squash one of them in the dark. It was such a treat, to watch the animals, to see how each of them was different in some ways, how they seemed to respond to us. The hissing and the spitting stopped, they enjoyed the attention enormously. Some of the kittens were very brave. One black cutie was really small, but he always tried to climb out of the box, and was the first one to start the wrestling after the feeding. We called the girl-kitty, who watched others play from behind the corner, Miss Whiny, because she was the one with the most piercing meow, and liked to hear herself use it.     

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