Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Taka had a four-day-weekend, and we decided to go to Santa Rosa, to see a play that Hanah helped to stage.
   Here she is, in a group of her fellow - stage designers, who intern at the Santa Rosa Junior College Repertory Theatre.  
The backdrop that Hanah helped painting.

             We went to see 

Rogers and Hammerstein's musical, South Pacific. I am not a big fan of theirs, but being in theater holds powerful attraction for me, and I loved to be there.
Afterwords, we met with Hanah, who showed us, what contributions she made to the stage design: "See those two wispy clouds on the left? They are mine!"                                                                        

Hanah is thinking to continue in that line of work, although, I hope, she will still pursue her own art. 
We took Hanah home that evening, and she spent the next day with us.

Victoria's granddaughter turned one year old, and Mary and I were invited to her birthday party. Mary took me to her favorite toy store: Talbot's Toyland.
It was spectacular! I am convinced: the store is magic. From the outside it doesn't look all that large, but, once you are inside, there is no end to the rooms with different toys! Amid the usual array of soft plushies and model kits stood great big bisons, bears and giraffes, at least, twice the human size! A small bullet train ran around the perimeter of one room; miniature Ferris wheels turned and miniature cars ran in two directions along the miniature bridge. And miniature Eiffel Tower softly glowed nearby!
I got lost in piles of toys, and Mary had fun helping me choose presents for Victoria's grand kid and my own children. If you think, 22 year old Hanah and 20 year old Sonny didn't get excited about their small presents, you would be very mistaken!

Monday, July 6, 2015


                             giphy.gif (500×377)

I had an argument with someone. He is a person, who helped a lot with my inner growth over the past year and a half, or so. I fully acknowledge that and because of it I was the one to apologize and ask to resume the relationship.
     Why do I feel so sad, then? 
     I didn't cause the argument. The person critiqued my writing and then said, he is not interested in arguing with me, and if I wanted to argue, I should find someone else.
                                                                                               giphy.gif (500×281)
            I am glad, he gave his opinion, but then he sounded like I had to just accept, whatever he wrote! I don't care as much about being criticized, as being, basically, told to shut up! 
     I welcome all reasonable comments. I thought, that person was my friend, and would've been ecstatic to get his opinion. He acted, like an irate teacher instead of a friend. 
     But that's over, right? I apologized for openly writing about that incident and including his name in the blog. I even erased the part of the blog, where I did it.
     Tell me, I was wrong! I felt, like he attacked me in my own home - my blog, which I started to be able to sort out my thoughts and actions. 
     I thought, he was my friend. It happened before: I assumed, people were my friends just because we were involved in the same church, for example. They proved to be nothing of the sort. Am I nuts, or naive or just stupid to think, I should not be the target for someone's sore psyche? 
     I hope, he will realize the damage he's done. If he is someone he appears to be, he will re-visit the situation and apologize to me. I just hope, I can treat him with the same respect and open heart, as before.                                                                             flowers-thumb.gif (275×292)