Monday, July 6, 2015


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I had an argument with someone. He is a person, who helped a lot with my inner growth over the past year and a half, or so. I fully acknowledge that and because of it I was the one to apologize and ask to resume the relationship.
     Why do I feel so sad, then? 
     I didn't cause the argument. The person critiqued my writing and then said, he is not interested in arguing with me, and if I wanted to argue, I should find someone else.
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            I am glad, he gave his opinion, but then he sounded like I had to just accept, whatever he wrote! I don't care as much about being criticized, as being, basically, told to shut up! 
     I welcome all reasonable comments. I thought, that person was my friend, and would've been ecstatic to get his opinion. He acted, like an irate teacher instead of a friend. 
     But that's over, right? I apologized for openly writing about that incident and including his name in the blog. I even erased the part of the blog, where I did it.
     Tell me, I was wrong! I felt, like he attacked me in my own home - my blog, which I started to be able to sort out my thoughts and actions. 
     I thought, he was my friend. It happened before: I assumed, people were my friends just because we were involved in the same church, for example. They proved to be nothing of the sort. Am I nuts, or naive or just stupid to think, I should not be the target for someone's sore psyche? 
     I hope, he will realize the damage he's done. If he is someone he appears to be, he will re-visit the situation and apologize to me. I just hope, I can treat him with the same respect and open heart, as before.                                                                             flowers-thumb.gif (275×292) 

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