Monday, April 28, 2014


Chicken Bone found another lap.

I prefer to think that, he heard that Roberta's hips and stomach hurt and ...

decided to use his cat's healing powers

to make her feel better.
No matter, just having his fluffiness on her lap made Roberta smile and glow!


     Well, it's one more day to go, before my sister comes. Today, I suddenly remembered that, the Salvation Army was coming to pick up some stuff.  They showed up just as I began to make it ready, and...  didn't want to take the couches! They said, the pride and joy of my mother, her sectional couch that I inherited, was "unsellable"! It may be so: it's about thirty years old now, and my cats did a number on it. 
DSC01055.JPG (1632×1224)    So, a snobbish driver and his sidekick in neon colored vests ended up just picking up dad's scooter. It was an electric chair for the infirm. You operate it by moving a small lever with your hand. My dad really wanted it. We got the doctors to attest that, he was disabled enough to get it for free! Once the chair was his, dad realized that he would have to deal with the doors and elevators while sitting on that uncertain perch (we lived in the apartment building then). He successfully ignored the chair, until we moved to the house with him. Here he announced that, the terrain was too rough and hilly for him to attempt riding the infernal contraption.          
     The chair stood on our porch for a couple of years while dad was alive and for two more after he passed away. Now it's gone.
images (214×236)     I made arrangements for our garbage disposal company to pick up the couch and a few more things instead. It will happen when Lera, my sis, will be here already.
     Today I took Roberta to the physical therapy appointment. While she was learning ways to strengthen her muscles, I went to Walmart. It took me more than an hour to buy linens and other supplies that Lera and the niece from Japan, who'll live with us since May, will need. I also tried to sort out Walmart's error in filling one of Taka's orders online. That proved to be impossible: the bureaucracy and indifference of the huge shopping institution won, and I left the store, counting myself lucky to still be able to walk and think after that ordeal.

     This morning, while Sonny was at school, something in our bathroom began to make frightful noise! I went to look. To the accompaniment of loud farting sounds, the water was roiling in the jpeg (132×188)toilet bowl and shooting out of it! I quietly closed the door and walked away. When Sonny came back home, I told him that, it was all up to him. He had to clean up and throw some stuff away. I and Roberta soon left for physical therapy and errands, as I told you earlier. When we came back a few hours later, Sonny was sitting in the living room, I guess, still giving a thorough thought to cleaning the bathroom. It took me considerable time and effort, as well as a lot of the parental pressure, to convince him to go and clean. Right now, armed with different bleach plumber_plunging_toilet_splash_hg_clr.gif (321×350)products and rubber gloves, my poor son is defending us from a threat of e coli and other horrible diseases. In fact, when he didn't want to do it, I had to say to him: "Fine, we'll all die from e coli! Go brush teeth with that toothbrush that was sitting on the sink, when the toilet exploded!" 
     Too much? I think so. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014


35622_136769759718266_7478560_n.jpg (148×148)
     Hallelujah! The U.S. Immigration Department granted my sister, Lera, an interview to extend her Green Card, and she is coming... day after tomorrow! It's a great news, because, not only do I get to be with her for a few weeks, but she will stay until just before my niece will arrive from Japan. This way we won't have a whole crowd of people with different purposes and schedules traipsing through the house and popping up in every corner. 
     Some things are still not done. I ordered a couple of rugs for Lera's room, but they didn't arrive yet. On the weekend, we somehow received a lot of other packages, and now five big cardboard boxes are standing around the living room, waiting for Sonny to break them and put in the recycling. 
     jpeg (259×194)   Tomorrow a truck from the Salvation Army will arrive and, hopefully, pick up my old sectional couch. I say: "hopefully", because it's old and decrepit, and they might not want it. I'm planning to get rid of it anyway and buy a new sleeper sofa, in case if we get a crowd of people in here some other time.
panda.gif (499×245)     I wonder, what Roberta is thinking about her quiet refuge turning into a thoroughfare! She didn't express any misgivings to me directly, but I can see some signs of ... what? ... fear? ...
811705.gif (500×280)     It will be a little different from our established routine, I grant you! For once, Roberta has gotten used to tag with me to every errand and ride that I do and take. What will Lera think, if we can't get any time to talk alone, or talk in Russian, as would be natural for us to do? She will also have to make allowances for Roberta's old age and habits. 
freaked+out.gif (499×275)     And, finally, how will I get used to foregoing my beloved crosswords and online Scrabble games? Life will definitely get busier and more uncomfortable! I just began to establish my own schedule: seeing Mr. P. on Fridays and going to Al Anon meetings on Wednesdays. Will Lera support me in those pursuits or get upset that I didn't spend enough time with her? Every Friday, Roberta wants to go with me, as I go to meet Mr. P. She, usually, sits in the car, as we speak for an hour or so, or in another place at the library where we meet. Will Lera come now too?! In other words: that's too much!
562401.gif (500×197)


Thursday, April 24, 2014


Sonny got a lecture from his dad at three o'clock last night. It continued until four, and today all of us are falling asleep suddenly, every time we sit down. 

Chickie loves to sleep on Sonny's lap. 

He is old, going on thirteen years now.

I hope, Sonny has a nice nap. It's, probably, so sweet to be young and 
have a fresh, unpolluted by cares mind.

Sleep well, cutie-pie!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


     Giraffe looked at me accusingly. 
I got a cut-out from Kaiser Permanente, my medical insurance carrier. When I put it together, it turned into a giraffe!

On the back of it was a vertical line with words; "My Goal"

I wrote my weight loss goal on it with the times when I want to achieve it. 
Today is Wednesday, and on Wednesdays we have a Family NIght. We usually buy some treat: a pie or  carry-out food. Today Sonny opted for a Strawberry Cheesecake. It was delicious, but Taka saved me from eating it by saying: "Can you eat all those carbs and sugar?" I ended up giving him my slice and keeping just a little bit of it, as well as a big strawberry, slathered in scrumpcious red glaze. You would think, I did good, right? 
As I sat at my desk, a giraffe looked at me accusingly, and I know that it was correct in doing so. I shouldn't have eaten any of it, except, maybe, a glaze-free strawberry! 


     Life seemed terrible yesterday, even though I tried not to give in to the blues. Gout returned. After I came back from getting weighed on Monday, I was very happy about losing 5.5 pounds and almost didn't mind the pain in my foot. When I took off the shoe, the side on my foot was bright red! I understood then that, I am in for another battle. 
     Yesterday, it hurt a lot. I couldn't sleep the night before. My relative suggested drinking cherry juice, and doctor prescribed more Prednisone (it means that, losing weight will become difficult: Prednisone prevents it). 
     Today pain is much easier. I feel happy and relaxed. Sonny stayed home to clean up the living room in preparation for a special visitor.
     Meet Alice. Her mom, Christina, and dad were Hanah's friends in High School. He was going to study to become a doctor, she was an all As student, who also had great plans for the future. Those plans had to be delayed when she became pregnant with Alice at 19. It was a huge complication, considering that, neither parent had good support system in place, but - look at their child! She is gorgeous and loved!
     Recently Christina lost her usual baby-sitter. I offered to help before, and she called me to ask to sit with Alice for a few hours on Wednesdays.
     Alice was not at all sure, what she thought of me, when she and mom first arrived. We made small talk, cooked noodles for my new charge, and mom left. Alice settled to eat her lunch. She didn't seem to be at all scared  to suddenly find herself in this unfamiliar home. First things first: she chased after Chicken Bone, my male cat, who didn't even hesitate but turned his tail and ran for his life. Then she spotted Sylvie, a feisty female feline, who came out to see, what was going on. 
     Alice ran after Sylvie into Roberta'a room. Sylvie hid under a chair and hissed at Alice. Alice emitted a piercing, excited scream, at which point Roberta, who peacefully slept before that, sat up in her bed, indignantly inquiring, what was the matter. Sylvie proceeded to swipe at Alice, who, undaunted by the flying sharp claws and a strange lady in bed, was still reaching for her.
     I dragged protesting girl away, explaining that this kitty was very bad and could hurt her. She returned to her noodles, grabbing them out of the bawl and sucking them in. Some noodles proved to be too long: She had to stretch her little arm all the way up to lift them out of the bawl! I hurried and cut them with scissors.
     Alice ate her lunch, drunk some water (she graciously offered me her cup a few time, sharing her water with me). 
     Roberta came out of her room and sat at the table. It became quickly apparent that, Alice liked her much better than me! She began to talk to and smile at her, played her a tune on an electronic toy and jumped into frail old lady's lap from her chair in loving abandon. Roberta, after catching Alice to herself a couple of times, had such a pop-eyed look to her, that I intervened and distracted energetic youngster with the TV. 
     It''s been a long time since I took care of a two year old! One thing for sure: I couldn't leave her on her own. She didn't like TV enough to be completely mesmerized by it. That meant that, I had to stay with her. Roberta came to sit in a chair by us. It was a mistake on her part, because Alice started again trying to prove to Roberta, how much she loved her. I was not at all sure, if Roberta would survive this wild attraction!
     You should've seen Alice's face, when Roberta used her walker! Astonishment is too mild of a word to describe the little girl's expression!

     I continuously tried to distract Alice away from Roberta, and she dragged me all around the house, looking for cats and fun stuff to touch, pull apart or gaze at in wonder. She would come back to Roberta, though, and try to engage her in play, time and again. 

Peek-a-boo was a hit with both of them, 

until Roberta started a "This little piggy..." chant. We spent the next half an hour tweaking Alice's toes and singing that rhyme! Christina came back soon after that. She loved to hear about her daughter's afternoon, and readily laughed with us about her antics. 
Alice didn't want to give up her newly found friends, but when her mother asked: "So, you don't want to go home?" Alice quickly answered: "OK!" - and they were soon gone. I told Roberta: "This will happen every Wednesday from now on..." The expression on her face could be interpreted in a couple of different ways!

Adorable 3 year old is very happy to dance!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Did I tell you about the conversation I had with Taka concerning my Weight Management Program? 
     Taka told me in no uncertain terms that, there was no more money available to continue the diet Program. I tried to talk to him about it, to discuss, what possibilities there were for me to still do it, but he got all huffy and unpleasant. I told him: "OK, if that's the way you want it, just don't forget to bring kids to visit my grave, when I die!" 
     I thought, I made a strong point about the consequences of me quitting the diet and regaining all the weight that I lost - plus - some more. It didn't make any impression on him!
     When the handyman was working in the house, Taka, emboldened by a news that we are going to get a nice tax refund, told me: "Let's use some money to put insulation in the attic!" 
     My jaw dropped. For a few moments I couldn't find the words. He noticed my shocked expression and asked, what was the matter. I said: "I would rather use that money to continue the Program. Insulation can wait. How would you feel, if all the money that we already spent on my diet went to waste, when I regain weight?!"
     Finally, he could see the light! Or, more likely, he saw no way out of the situation: he just admitted that we had some extra resources. So, to make the long story short, he agreed to let me go on with the diet.
     I, myself, have doubts. What about my lack of will power when it comes to food? What if all the health challenges that I have will prevent me from losing weight?
     I went to a Weight Program meeting last night. It was the time to make a hefty payment, and I had huge misgivings about going through with it. They disappeared, when I got weighed. I lost five and a half pounds! I was not following the diet these two weeks, since Taka told me that I will have to stop the Program. Plus - we went out to restaurants on my birthday and Easter. I still lost weight! It was very encouraging! 


Sunday, April 20, 2014


     My birthday came and went. I must say, it was very satisfying to see all the people send their congrats! A lot of them are on Facebook, and it was convenient to pick up and answer the greetings from all corners of the U.S. The Little Red-Headed Monster's mom sent me a beautiful card with a nice monetary gift in it. She didn't have to do it, but I was happy! An inscription was added at the end of the card: "Katya [the Monster] sends her special greetings." Aah, my heart melted!
     My sister and a New York cousin called. We chatted for a while, exchanging news about families and ourselves. 
     Sonny ordered me a watch as a gift, but it did not arrive yet. When I told Roberta about it, she smiled ruefully and said: "Well, it means, you will have TWO watches!" She bought me one too! I didn't wear a time piece since Sonny was born (it always seemed to me that, the band kept scratching his head), didn't need one because cell phones, stove timers, time stamp on the TV took care of me knowing the time, so now I will have to either get used to wearing a watch (or two) or keep explaining,why I don't!
     Taka was also thinking of a gift for me, but we spent so much money lately that, he asked, if just going to a restaurant with the family would be sufficient. I was happy to agree.
     We piled in the car and went to a Sushi Boat restaurant nearby. It was Japanese, of course. home.jpg (2048×1536)

     If you can see them, small boats roll around the place where sushi chefs work and carry sushi to the customers sitting around the bar. 

New York Steak
    We sat at a usual table. I asked to go to a Japanese place, but was tempted to order a combination of New York steak and Tempura. The food was delicious! We also had Sashimi for everyone and Taka ordered Ramen (he loves Ramen). 
Sonny's and Roberta's Salmon Terriyaki
Taka's Ramen

     Taka always uses a lot of the UBER-HOT Japanese mustard, Wasabi. Here is his little dish with it and Soy Sauce in comparison with Sonny's:

At home we had a cake, but everyone was too full. We got to it later on, though! I could take it or leave it: my stomach was not ready for so much food, all of a sudden, but Sonny, Roberta and Taka seemed to enjoy it a lot. 

     All in all, it was a nice day! I was happy to feel remembered by people. Something in me still feels unsatisfied, like some vital part of the whole experience was missing. I can't think, what it could be, but my heart is not at rest. 
     I've been up since five o'clock this morning, thinking about all this and writing the blog. My loved ones and acquaintances did their best to make yesterday a beautiful day for me. I need to find out, why I am still unhappy. Hormones? Selfishness? I don't know. I'll tell you, when I understand this!

Saturday, April 19, 2014


tumblr_lya8vjypsK1r2rz91.gif (500×282)     Mr. P., my counsel, looked at me meaningfully and said: ""No" is a complete sentence!" 
     We were talking about me falling a prisoner of my hospitality instinct. I was happy to take care of Zhenya, but at some point, feeding him began to feel as an obligation, which he chewing.gif (500×250)    seemed to readily exploit. Co-dependency is when one lets the way others look at them or judge them dictate one's actions and color their world. I spent an unreasonable amount of time, energy and resources (money, food), trying to be a good hostess. Is that any way to have a relationship?!
tumblr_m83555Pg1L1rxq7alo1_500.gif (500×281)
     Today I am 56. Yes, it's my birthday! Feel free to leave comments, everyone! But my point is, I still feel as a young girl, who cringes at a possibility of being judged harshly, even when the problem is just in her head.
     In an unequal relationship, nothing will make a more aggressive person like or dislike us. They have a different motivation for their feelings: domination and subjugation. So, don't you think, we might as well do what's in our own interests, as long as it doesn't harm others?   well.gif (499×275)
     Mr. P. is a proponent of an idea that success is irrelevant. Failure - is an opportunity to grow. We can only fail disastrously if we don't get up every time we are thrown off the proverbial "horse" and get images (183×249)   back on, at least, managing to stay on it for a few seconds more. In  other words, taking a few steps in a right direction is better than having a major victory. 

                                                   images (188×207)


      It's pretty hard to find anything optimistic or half-alive to say! Everything is alright, but I am in a bit of a slump. A rot. A damp... A dump...
     Lots happened. The floor in Hanah's room is finished, I even dared to order the laying of the tile in the entry place in the living room. The carpet there had black spots from when people came in with their shoes on. I asked Zhenya (emphasis on the first syllable), my Russian worker, to take carpet off and put tile instead. 
     It took Zhenya a while to finish the floors. His American companion didn't come to work. He did a great job, though!
     Before he started, Zhenya said that he will finish everything in one day. He worked for a week! Of course, we asked him to do
other things than just floors, but he was done with them in a New York minute! I think, (and choose to believe it) that the reason for him tarrying on was my cooking. Don't be shocked, I can cook!
     Like in many Old World countries, one of the most upheld virtues in Russia is hospitality. Once I began to invite Zhenya for every meal, though, I didn't know how to stop. He is a 6 feet 3 inches tall fellow, and, I guess, working hard as he did took a lot out of him. I spent whole days shopping, planning meals and cooking, mainly, for him! And, let me tell you, he could eat! Last night, after Zhenya finished all the work, I said: "Hey, we have pizza here, as well as some soup, chicken and rice. What do you want to have for dinner?" "I can try all of those things" - he replied!
     My foot doesn't hurt. I am ecstatic about it, but now the other limb is beginning to ache. Fortunately, it's not gout, and I now know to use Tumeric poultices to alleviate tendinitis pain. Because of Prednisone, medicine that stopped gout, my blood sugar is very high. Doctors say that it will come down after I finish taking Prednisone.  
     Keeping diet is another thing. I can stop myself from inhaling usual food during the day. I can't make myself conscientious enough to eat the prescribed bars and shakes or drink enough water. At night, all bets are off! I will eat of any food that is left in the kitchen. I am a lost cause, I guess!
     Today is Friday. On Wednesday, I went to Al Anon meeting for the first time in a month (put real shoes on for the first time in a month too!). It was nice. And JUICY!
     One of the men came with his wife. They are people from my church, and I was surprised to see her there. I admired that couple and thought that they are a success story: he is American, she is Japanese. They have a few children, who are highly capable in many different fields: from school work to musical talents. Parents always seemed united and loving to each other. The wife could be a bit derisive toward me, but I let it slide.
     Like I said, I was surprised to see her there. People from our church are slow to adopt other ways than the ones that come from the church to deal with problems. And the solutions to our problems never come from our church!
    The Japanese lady smiled and introduced herself to the group. A minute later, I saw her get up and hurriedly walk away. I assumed that she was going to the bathroom. A minute later, I heard "Oh, my God!" - from her husband. Group members began to jump to their seats and look out of the window. "They are stealing his car!" - someone yelled! 
     "They" didn't steal it. The wife did! She drove out of the parking lot like a movie stunt driver: over the ENBANKMENT ! 
     Now, if she was a young girl, I could understand her excitability, but she is my age. To pull a thing like that and leave husband stranded many miles away from their house takes quite a bit of anger! Poor fellow, he tried to put up a calm front, but I can only imagine, how embarrassed and hurt he was!
     But anyway... 
     We talked about autonomy. I shared that, autonomy is a stick with two ends (what stick isn't?). What did I mean? 
     On the one hand, we all want to be free to make our own choices and decisions. On the other - we might not be prepared to do so. When Taka and I fight about money, he sometimes brings all our check books and credit cards, throws them in front of me and says: "So, you want to be in charge of all that? Go ahead!" My reaction is far from admirable: I shrink away, because I am not prepared for that responsibility. It's understandable, of course: he was in charge of our finances and I didn't get deeply involved in them. But he takes my reluctance as a sign that I am a stupid, weak female. 
      I fight him for equality in financial matters, but am unwilling to be responsible for them. 

Monday, April 14, 2014


Big day! 
     Preparations for the laying of the floor began early. I dragged sleepy and protesting Sonny out of bed and allowed him no excuses to shirk work. He brought some more stuff from Hanah's room for me to sort out. It was interesting and sad to go through my daughter's things: debris of what she was and evidence of what she is. 
     Talking about evidence... I dug out some stuff that, I wish, stayed hidden. Let's just say: kids do not always tell the truth or believe their parents' values. What I found is not catastrophic, but it radically changes my understanding of Hanah. Most of all, I am hurt that she doesn't trust my love for her to be honest. She is a drama queen, I know that, and makes decisions accordingly.
     My workers arrived early, as they promised. I treated them to some donuts and tea; then they - and gloomy Sonny - began to move things and furniture out of the room and hallway, where the new floors will be laid. I busily sorted out the bags of old and un-used clothes and Hanah's papers. Then I took time to do my mental exercises: played Scrabble online and answered e-mails and made phone calls. 
     In no time at all, the tall Russian worker, Zhenya, came to ask if we wanted to make tile entryway in front of the door (inside the living room). Carpet there got really gunky from dirt brought on people's shoes. I didn't tell Taka about it, but still decided to do it. I sense trouble ahead! 
     We went to buy tile and materials for the entryway. I was not sure anymore, if that was such a good idea: after all, Taka hardly agreed to just change floors! But - I think - it will be a good investment for later. Still, I wish, I didn't agree to it!
     I made lunch for the workers (Zhenya is also our church member and deserves to be pampered). A nap sounded really good just then, so I gave in and had a few zees amid my cats, who don't understand all that chaos in their routine. 
     By the time I got up, Zhenya and his co-worker were ready to leave for the evening. 
     Blessed peace!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


     The Chinese take-out today!
     There is plenty of food. I got up late, but made up for it by cleaning, cooking, cajoling, washing dishes and planning. Sonny still needs to prepare the room for renovation, but he slept late. Today his friends called him to watch a movie and play games at someone's house. It sounds like he is still in High School, but now, at least, he doesn't need me to drive him to another town (we moved away from all his friends, when he was in High School) and go back to pick him up there. I guess, I just have to count my blessings! He took one of the cars and went, but not before I made him clean for fifteen minutes (two, three, four... I'm still counting blessings!)
     I don't know, what came over me today. I was very active in the morning, then, when Sonny left, I went to - not one, but to two - grocery stores! My energy level and desire to work are completely unprecedented! 
     I schlepped my way through the 99 cents store, then departed for the Chinese one. Taka wanted me to buy some seaweed. It's very good for you and delicious with rice, pickles or other salty things. After the Chinese store, I had to go to our usual shop to buy our usual staffs, but 1) I worried about Roberta being alone; 2) Taka needed lunch; 3) I was not sure, how my feet will react to so much walking, all of a sudden; 4) My common sense or someone inside my head said: "Go home!" I am not kidding, it really happened! Big Brother? Putin? My mother? Aha, ... no, I got nothing!
     Last month and a half or so, Sonny would've been the one to bring groceries from the car and put them away. Today, it had to be me! I had to lug two huge bags to the house and sort everything out. Then it was time to make lunch! 
     My friend, Mary, with whom we go to the pool, was dormant for all that time period when I couldn't exercise, as far as pool is concerned, at least. I tried to get her to go there today, but she has a cold. That means that, I will stay home too...
     Roberta doesn't feel well today either. Her stomach bothers her a lot. She didn't want to eat anything and stayed in her room for the longest time. I felt that, I'd better sit down after the whirlwind activities. So, I played Scrabble on line, answered e-mails, checked on my Facebook pals. A couple of hours later, I thought: "Roberta must be ready to come and watch TV with me." Right at that moment I heard the scraping of her walker on the floor! What's going on with me today? Now I've got ESP?!
     Taka felt that he deserved better than my humble cooking today. He came out recently and brightly asked: "Chinese take-out today?" Is my food that bad that he would prefer the Chinese delivery to it?! I didn't argue, though. It's been a long time since I had any of it!
     Just now, Sonny came back (carrying a bag with a burrito that he bought, of course). He was full of the stories from the new movie Captain America. I am listening to him for the last forty minutes, but - it's all Chinese to me!!!


Saturday, April 12, 2014


     Everything began to move along. Yesterday evening, my Russian would-be handyman called: "Well, Dina, do you have time to go buy new flooring?"
logo.png (297×56)     We went, after I fed him a bit. It's a weakness of mine, you see! I can't be inhospitable. Zhenya (short for the Russian version of Eugene) is living away from his family for a while now, and he visibly longed for a home-made meal. So, I warmed up something store-bought in a microwave instead (dashed his hopes) and off we went in Zhenya's pick-up truck, to the accompaniment of some unexpected Russian rap music!
hd-logo.png (151×73)     Sonny came with us. We visited two construction super-stores before we found the          color of the floor that I liked. We then sent Sonny to get a flat cart to carry heavy packs of laminate.     I found him wondering around the aisles twenty minutes later. 
     - "What are you doing? Why didn't you get the cart?!"
     - "I couldn't find it!"
FL_Body_Img_B3.jpg (222×135)
     I should've kicked his butt and made him go ask the store clerk, but I was too tired. For a month I sat in one place because of gout and didn't move my body. Now, all of a sudden, I had to traipse through miles of construction materials! I asked the clerk myself but sent Sonny to get it.
     On the way home I told Sonny to order pizza on his Smart Phone. I had chicken at home, but there wasn't enough of it to feed everybody. It arrived just as we made it to the house.
tumblr_m7a4hwe4O91qaurswo1_500.gif (500×398)     We had another feeding session, talked. Taka, the ultimate hermit, tried to hide out in the bedroom/office, but he was also hungry. It was a few hours until Zhenya, finally, walked out of our door. 
FL_Body_Img_C3.jpg (222×135)
     I felt bad, actually. He lives in his truck while working in this area. I only today found out about it. I could've offered Hanah's room to him, but 1) He will start working on it in two days and won't be able to stay there anymore and 2) I don't think I can deal with a young guy competing with me for the bathroom and seeing me at my worst when I decide to relax!
   stop-split-ends-woman-messy-hair588x343_article_new.jpg (588×343)     

     Now we have stacks of pinkish-blond floor laminate laying in front of our TV as well as other remodeling items staffed in nooks and crannies of the house.
     I went on different stores' websites, trying to find a suitable sleeper sofa for my sister. Now I am totally confused: when I like the color, the dimensions are all wrong, and when the sofa is nice and roomy - the color is atrocious! If only I could also match those criteria with a good price... Ah, the dreams, the dreams!

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