Sunday, April 20, 2014


     My birthday came and went. I must say, it was very satisfying to see all the people send their congrats! A lot of them are on Facebook, and it was convenient to pick up and answer the greetings from all corners of the U.S. The Little Red-Headed Monster's mom sent me a beautiful card with a nice monetary gift in it. She didn't have to do it, but I was happy! An inscription was added at the end of the card: "Katya [the Monster] sends her special greetings." Aah, my heart melted!
     My sister and a New York cousin called. We chatted for a while, exchanging news about families and ourselves. 
     Sonny ordered me a watch as a gift, but it did not arrive yet. When I told Roberta about it, she smiled ruefully and said: "Well, it means, you will have TWO watches!" She bought me one too! I didn't wear a time piece since Sonny was born (it always seemed to me that, the band kept scratching his head), didn't need one because cell phones, stove timers, time stamp on the TV took care of me knowing the time, so now I will have to either get used to wearing a watch (or two) or keep explaining,why I don't!
     Taka was also thinking of a gift for me, but we spent so much money lately that, he asked, if just going to a restaurant with the family would be sufficient. I was happy to agree.
     We piled in the car and went to a Sushi Boat restaurant nearby. It was Japanese, of course. home.jpg (2048×1536)

     If you can see them, small boats roll around the place where sushi chefs work and carry sushi to the customers sitting around the bar. 

New York Steak
    We sat at a usual table. I asked to go to a Japanese place, but was tempted to order a combination of New York steak and Tempura. The food was delicious! We also had Sashimi for everyone and Taka ordered Ramen (he loves Ramen). 
Sonny's and Roberta's Salmon Terriyaki
Taka's Ramen

     Taka always uses a lot of the UBER-HOT Japanese mustard, Wasabi. Here is his little dish with it and Soy Sauce in comparison with Sonny's:

At home we had a cake, but everyone was too full. We got to it later on, though! I could take it or leave it: my stomach was not ready for so much food, all of a sudden, but Sonny, Roberta and Taka seemed to enjoy it a lot. 

     All in all, it was a nice day! I was happy to feel remembered by people. Something in me still feels unsatisfied, like some vital part of the whole experience was missing. I can't think, what it could be, but my heart is not at rest. 
     I've been up since five o'clock this morning, thinking about all this and writing the blog. My loved ones and acquaintances did their best to make yesterday a beautiful day for me. I need to find out, why I am still unhappy. Hormones? Selfishness? I don't know. I'll tell you, when I understand this!

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