Thursday, April 10, 2014


     Park is out of my house, but is not out of our lives. He tells Roberta that he now looks with regret at his behavior. He remembers fondly even the mattress where he slept in her room. Now he doesn't have a place to sleep!
     He went to L.A. with his brother-in-law. They stopped by our place on the way to drop off a wheel chair that they borrowed a few months ago. Park was too proud to knock on our door, so he knocked on the glass sliding door in Roberta's room. She is 81 years old, and it took her a while to push stuff away and open the door. By that time, Park was annoyed. He pushed her roughly aside, and she fell on an end table with lots of little jars and what-nots on it. 
     She told me about it only in the morning. Her bottom hurts, but it could've been much worse. She could've landed on the floor and fractured a bone!
     I don't want him in my house. No matter, what regrets he has or my pity for his situation: he can't control his temper. She is ten years older than him, what is he thinking, pushing her around?!
     Today he called to say that he will stay in L.A. longer. Roberta came out to tell me that, and we both cheered up at the news. But will she be willing to tell him to stay away, if he returns? They say: love is blind. In this case, I say: it's also stupid!
     And then, what do I know of love? May be, it's better to have a person to adore in that way than not to?
     Even as I wrote this, I thought that I was being stupid. Love is love, but investing oneself into an unequal, unsafe relationship is another. She might feel better that, there is someone of her own nearby, but she always has to feel threatened by him and manipulate him into behaving better. There is no integrity in this, no peace!

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