Wednesday, April 23, 2014


     Life seemed terrible yesterday, even though I tried not to give in to the blues. Gout returned. After I came back from getting weighed on Monday, I was very happy about losing 5.5 pounds and almost didn't mind the pain in my foot. When I took off the shoe, the side on my foot was bright red! I understood then that, I am in for another battle. 
     Yesterday, it hurt a lot. I couldn't sleep the night before. My relative suggested drinking cherry juice, and doctor prescribed more Prednisone (it means that, losing weight will become difficult: Prednisone prevents it). 
     Today pain is much easier. I feel happy and relaxed. Sonny stayed home to clean up the living room in preparation for a special visitor.
     Meet Alice. Her mom, Christina, and dad were Hanah's friends in High School. He was going to study to become a doctor, she was an all As student, who also had great plans for the future. Those plans had to be delayed when she became pregnant with Alice at 19. It was a huge complication, considering that, neither parent had good support system in place, but - look at their child! She is gorgeous and loved!
     Recently Christina lost her usual baby-sitter. I offered to help before, and she called me to ask to sit with Alice for a few hours on Wednesdays.
     Alice was not at all sure, what she thought of me, when she and mom first arrived. We made small talk, cooked noodles for my new charge, and mom left. Alice settled to eat her lunch. She didn't seem to be at all scared  to suddenly find herself in this unfamiliar home. First things first: she chased after Chicken Bone, my male cat, who didn't even hesitate but turned his tail and ran for his life. Then she spotted Sylvie, a feisty female feline, who came out to see, what was going on. 
     Alice ran after Sylvie into Roberta'a room. Sylvie hid under a chair and hissed at Alice. Alice emitted a piercing, excited scream, at which point Roberta, who peacefully slept before that, sat up in her bed, indignantly inquiring, what was the matter. Sylvie proceeded to swipe at Alice, who, undaunted by the flying sharp claws and a strange lady in bed, was still reaching for her.
     I dragged protesting girl away, explaining that this kitty was very bad and could hurt her. She returned to her noodles, grabbing them out of the bawl and sucking them in. Some noodles proved to be too long: She had to stretch her little arm all the way up to lift them out of the bawl! I hurried and cut them with scissors.
     Alice ate her lunch, drunk some water (she graciously offered me her cup a few time, sharing her water with me). 
     Roberta came out of her room and sat at the table. It became quickly apparent that, Alice liked her much better than me! She began to talk to and smile at her, played her a tune on an electronic toy and jumped into frail old lady's lap from her chair in loving abandon. Roberta, after catching Alice to herself a couple of times, had such a pop-eyed look to her, that I intervened and distracted energetic youngster with the TV. 
     It''s been a long time since I took care of a two year old! One thing for sure: I couldn't leave her on her own. She didn't like TV enough to be completely mesmerized by it. That meant that, I had to stay with her. Roberta came to sit in a chair by us. It was a mistake on her part, because Alice started again trying to prove to Roberta, how much she loved her. I was not at all sure, if Roberta would survive this wild attraction!
     You should've seen Alice's face, when Roberta used her walker! Astonishment is too mild of a word to describe the little girl's expression!

     I continuously tried to distract Alice away from Roberta, and she dragged me all around the house, looking for cats and fun stuff to touch, pull apart or gaze at in wonder. She would come back to Roberta, though, and try to engage her in play, time and again. 

Peek-a-boo was a hit with both of them, 

until Roberta started a "This little piggy..." chant. We spent the next half an hour tweaking Alice's toes and singing that rhyme! Christina came back soon after that. She loved to hear about her daughter's afternoon, and readily laughed with us about her antics. 
Alice didn't want to give up her newly found friends, but when her mother asked: "So, you don't want to go home?" Alice quickly answered: "OK!" - and they were soon gone. I told Roberta: "This will happen every Wednesday from now on..." The expression on her face could be interpreted in a couple of different ways!

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