Thursday, April 3, 2014


polls_crazy_cat_3903_656177_answer_2_xlarge.gif (350×280)     Did you read my yesterday's post? I talked about Taka and his "morning sickness" of being cranky. We exchanged a couple of e-mails, where I let him understand my feelings. Mr. P. says that, when I accept the unacceptable behavior and try to pretend that everything is fine, I am, actually, lying to my loved ones. They don't know that something is not right. I pretend and let it go to keep peace in the family, but what kind of a family does it make, if some of it's members feel that it's their right to dump their stress on others?
     Every morning Taka gets ready and after a while turns off the light and leaves for work. Sometimes I am asleep or just in bed at that time. More often I do something in the kitchen or am at the computer. Like I said yesterday, we try to avoid each other in the mornings, since any give-and-take leads to a blow up. Today, Taka came over and gave me a kiss, saying something about an errand that I needed to do for him. I think, he was trying to cover up his admitting that I was right. At least, that's the option I decided to choose. It's a good thing, because otherwise I don't know, how long I can resist doing what comes naturally to the women in my family:
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