Saturday, April 19, 2014


tumblr_lya8vjypsK1r2rz91.gif (500×282)     Mr. P., my counsel, looked at me meaningfully and said: ""No" is a complete sentence!" 
     We were talking about me falling a prisoner of my hospitality instinct. I was happy to take care of Zhenya, but at some point, feeding him began to feel as an obligation, which he chewing.gif (500×250)    seemed to readily exploit. Co-dependency is when one lets the way others look at them or judge them dictate one's actions and color their world. I spent an unreasonable amount of time, energy and resources (money, food), trying to be a good hostess. Is that any way to have a relationship?!
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     Today I am 56. Yes, it's my birthday! Feel free to leave comments, everyone! But my point is, I still feel as a young girl, who cringes at a possibility of being judged harshly, even when the problem is just in her head.
     In an unequal relationship, nothing will make a more aggressive person like or dislike us. They have a different motivation for their feelings: domination and subjugation. So, don't you think, we might as well do what's in our own interests, as long as it doesn't harm others?   well.gif (499×275)
     Mr. P. is a proponent of an idea that success is irrelevant. Failure - is an opportunity to grow. We can only fail disastrously if we don't get up every time we are thrown off the proverbial "horse" and get images (183×249)   back on, at least, managing to stay on it for a few seconds more. In  other words, taking a few steps in a right direction is better than having a major victory. 

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