Sunday, April 13, 2014


     The Chinese take-out today!
     There is plenty of food. I got up late, but made up for it by cleaning, cooking, cajoling, washing dishes and planning. Sonny still needs to prepare the room for renovation, but he slept late. Today his friends called him to watch a movie and play games at someone's house. It sounds like he is still in High School, but now, at least, he doesn't need me to drive him to another town (we moved away from all his friends, when he was in High School) and go back to pick him up there. I guess, I just have to count my blessings! He took one of the cars and went, but not before I made him clean for fifteen minutes (two, three, four... I'm still counting blessings!)
     I don't know, what came over me today. I was very active in the morning, then, when Sonny left, I went to - not one, but to two - grocery stores! My energy level and desire to work are completely unprecedented! 
     I schlepped my way through the 99 cents store, then departed for the Chinese one. Taka wanted me to buy some seaweed. It's very good for you and delicious with rice, pickles or other salty things. After the Chinese store, I had to go to our usual shop to buy our usual staffs, but 1) I worried about Roberta being alone; 2) Taka needed lunch; 3) I was not sure, how my feet will react to so much walking, all of a sudden; 4) My common sense or someone inside my head said: "Go home!" I am not kidding, it really happened! Big Brother? Putin? My mother? Aha, ... no, I got nothing!
     Last month and a half or so, Sonny would've been the one to bring groceries from the car and put them away. Today, it had to be me! I had to lug two huge bags to the house and sort everything out. Then it was time to make lunch! 
     My friend, Mary, with whom we go to the pool, was dormant for all that time period when I couldn't exercise, as far as pool is concerned, at least. I tried to get her to go there today, but she has a cold. That means that, I will stay home too...
     Roberta doesn't feel well today either. Her stomach bothers her a lot. She didn't want to eat anything and stayed in her room for the longest time. I felt that, I'd better sit down after the whirlwind activities. So, I played Scrabble on line, answered e-mails, checked on my Facebook pals. A couple of hours later, I thought: "Roberta must be ready to come and watch TV with me." Right at that moment I heard the scraping of her walker on the floor! What's going on with me today? Now I've got ESP?!
     Taka felt that he deserved better than my humble cooking today. He came out recently and brightly asked: "Chinese take-out today?" Is my food that bad that he would prefer the Chinese delivery to it?! I didn't argue, though. It's been a long time since I had any of it!
     Just now, Sonny came back (carrying a bag with a burrito that he bought, of course). He was full of the stories from the new movie Captain America. I am listening to him for the last forty minutes, but - it's all Chinese to me!!!


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