Saturday, April 12, 2014


     Everything began to move along. Yesterday evening, my Russian would-be handyman called: "Well, Dina, do you have time to go buy new flooring?"
logo.png (297×56)     We went, after I fed him a bit. It's a weakness of mine, you see! I can't be inhospitable. Zhenya (short for the Russian version of Eugene) is living away from his family for a while now, and he visibly longed for a home-made meal. So, I warmed up something store-bought in a microwave instead (dashed his hopes) and off we went in Zhenya's pick-up truck, to the accompaniment of some unexpected Russian rap music!
hd-logo.png (151×73)     Sonny came with us. We visited two construction super-stores before we found the          color of the floor that I liked. We then sent Sonny to get a flat cart to carry heavy packs of laminate.     I found him wondering around the aisles twenty minutes later. 
     - "What are you doing? Why didn't you get the cart?!"
     - "I couldn't find it!"
FL_Body_Img_B3.jpg (222×135)
     I should've kicked his butt and made him go ask the store clerk, but I was too tired. For a month I sat in one place because of gout and didn't move my body. Now, all of a sudden, I had to traipse through miles of construction materials! I asked the clerk myself but sent Sonny to get it.
     On the way home I told Sonny to order pizza on his Smart Phone. I had chicken at home, but there wasn't enough of it to feed everybody. It arrived just as we made it to the house.
tumblr_m7a4hwe4O91qaurswo1_500.gif (500×398)     We had another feeding session, talked. Taka, the ultimate hermit, tried to hide out in the bedroom/office, but he was also hungry. It was a few hours until Zhenya, finally, walked out of our door. 
FL_Body_Img_C3.jpg (222×135)
     I felt bad, actually. He lives in his truck while working in this area. I only today found out about it. I could've offered Hanah's room to him, but 1) He will start working on it in two days and won't be able to stay there anymore and 2) I don't think I can deal with a young guy competing with me for the bathroom and seeing me at my worst when I decide to relax!
   stop-split-ends-woman-messy-hair588x343_article_new.jpg (588×343)     

     Now we have stacks of pinkish-blond floor laminate laying in front of our TV as well as other remodeling items staffed in nooks and crannies of the house.
     I went on different stores' websites, trying to find a suitable sleeper sofa for my sister. Now I am totally confused: when I like the color, the dimensions are all wrong, and when the sofa is nice and roomy - the color is atrocious! If only I could also match those criteria with a good price... Ah, the dreams, the dreams!

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