Thursday, April 10, 2014


     I didn't do anything that I planned to do today. Oh, I did plenty, but not the most important stuff that had to be done!
     Sonny did not get up to go to school again. Since it was the day, when our handyman, Eugene (or Evgeniy in Russian), had to take us to buy flooring for the room, where my niece will be staying, I didn't mind much, that Sonny skipped class. I could use his support and brute strength! Besides, he had to be the one to get all the bags, boxes and miscellaneous junk from that room to prepare it for construction. I, in turn, would sort things out and tell Sonny, where to put them.
tumblr_mmi51bpscL1rnmxgto1_400.gif (306×215)     That was the plan. Sonny listened to it calmly at 12 noon, when he, finally, got up to have a drink of water. He then walked back to his room, got in bed and did not appear until about six o'clock in the evening. I yelled at and threatened him, of course, don't+make+me+destroy+you.gif (400×168)     during the course of the day, but he was not dissuaded from his chosen preoccupation with computer games and YouTube videos.
     I was left with stacks of boxes and clothes that were brought to me yesterday. I dealt with them, made meals and all important phone calls, but not the one to the Weight Management Program. I need to clarify for myself, what I want to say and achieve with them! 
jpeg (268×188)     I then found a letter. It was an old one: from my best friend in Russia. It was, actually, a New Year's greeting card. Judging by the address to which it was sent, I must've received it ten years ago. I since lost her address in Moscow. By the way, if you know Tatiana Luchkova in that city or, for that matter, another,  please tell her that I remember and love her just the same. I wrote and sent out a letter to the address that was on an envelope, but I realize that, she might've moved from there! That was interesting: I had a chance to visit my memories of her and our days in school (we were in the same class from the first to the tenth grades). I also visited my sense of guilt for not keeping in touch. I guess, it was inevitable that we stopped writing in these many interfering years, but she was a big part of my life in Russia. I know people who never forget to write, even when the connection of heart is lost. What makes me so careless with people that I love?
phone.gif (500×220)     Anyway, it turned out that this soul searching was not in vain! My other friend called (a Thai lady from Louisiana), and we spent a couple of hours on the phone, talking about her life and problems. My guilty conscience dictated that I give her all the time that she needed to dump her worries on me. It was not really so: we just talked, and I gave her some advice. When we were missionaries together, she was 26 and I was her very wise 32 years old leader. She was just a kid to me then. Now she is 50, and I am going to  become 56 in a few days. The difference in our ages stopped to matter anymore, but she still listens to my advice (perhaps!).
     The day passed into an evening; our would-be handy-man didn't call. I already gave up on the idea of going to buy flooring with him and started to make the next meal, when he called. We made plans to do our shopping tomorrow. 
     Today was the Al Anon day. My foot was reacting to all the activity and walking that I did that day. I decided not to go. Hopefully, I will feel better next time.
harry-eating-pie-o.gif (320×146)     Sonny went and bought a pie. We used to have a Family Night on Wednesdays, since it's the day when Taka comes home early. When I began to go to Al Anon meetings, that tradition was abandoned. Today we had a berry pie and talked a little bit. I don't regret skipping Al Anon and having good time with my family.
What I should regret, is having pie. Not only was it against my diet regiment, but also made my blood sugar spike to amazing heights. And that was really stupid of me!
spn-dean-eating.gif (500×250)

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