Monday, April 14, 2014


Big day! 
     Preparations for the laying of the floor began early. I dragged sleepy and protesting Sonny out of bed and allowed him no excuses to shirk work. He brought some more stuff from Hanah's room for me to sort out. It was interesting and sad to go through my daughter's things: debris of what she was and evidence of what she is. 
     Talking about evidence... I dug out some stuff that, I wish, stayed hidden. Let's just say: kids do not always tell the truth or believe their parents' values. What I found is not catastrophic, but it radically changes my understanding of Hanah. Most of all, I am hurt that she doesn't trust my love for her to be honest. She is a drama queen, I know that, and makes decisions accordingly.
     My workers arrived early, as they promised. I treated them to some donuts and tea; then they - and gloomy Sonny - began to move things and furniture out of the room and hallway, where the new floors will be laid. I busily sorted out the bags of old and un-used clothes and Hanah's papers. Then I took time to do my mental exercises: played Scrabble online and answered e-mails and made phone calls. 
     In no time at all, the tall Russian worker, Zhenya, came to ask if we wanted to make tile entryway in front of the door (inside the living room). Carpet there got really gunky from dirt brought on people's shoes. I didn't tell Taka about it, but still decided to do it. I sense trouble ahead! 
     We went to buy tile and materials for the entryway. I was not sure anymore, if that was such a good idea: after all, Taka hardly agreed to just change floors! But - I think - it will be a good investment for later. Still, I wish, I didn't agree to it!
     I made lunch for the workers (Zhenya is also our church member and deserves to be pampered). A nap sounded really good just then, so I gave in and had a few zees amid my cats, who don't understand all that chaos in their routine. 
     By the time I got up, Zhenya and his co-worker were ready to leave for the evening. 
     Blessed peace!

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