Sunday, June 28, 2015


     I'm sitting at home for three days already, nursing my ankle back to health.
     At least now I can sleep. The first night was a torture: no matter, how I tried to lay my foot, the ankle ached terribly.
images (275×183)     In the morning I asked Sonny to make me a poultice of turmeric and oil. Attached to my painful joint, it immediately relieved pain. Unfortunately, it didn't apply to the times when I had to get up and walk. On Saturday we went to yoga, despite serious reservations I had about the wisdom of using my poor limb in such a vigorous fashion. 
     It worked: I spent most of the time, doing exercises on a chair, followed by the same relaxation and euphoria, as the first time. 
DOY8HU4.gif (275×151)
     Today my foot and ankle are complaining. Turmeric helps a little, but I walk with a cane, limping and lurching, like Dr. Frankenstein's assistant, Igor. 
animated-GIFs-about-nursing.gif (493×344)      Taka was quite patient with my infirmity. He looked like he understood, I was in pain and couldn't do the housework or make dinner. It lasted almost the whole weekend. Now he began to show the signs that, his equanimity is fraying. Oh, well, he lasted longer than ever before!

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