Sunday, June 21, 2015


     Did I tell you, Taka and I now take walks along the street that runs by our house? I figured, I can be grateful for any help or motivation to promote better lifestyle!
     We don't go far: my feet and knee carry me for just about a block or so, but I'm getting stronger, and Taka seems to be pleased by my effort.
     In line with this small development, we also signed up for a yoga class. 
Cat+Loves+Baby+Swing.gif (400×225)     To tell the truth, after many years of being a mental work out kind of girl, sitting in a chair in front of the lap top, I didn't believe that we were actually going to do it, but, despite my reluctance to attempt such an ambitious undertaking (and, potentially, embarrass myself), early Saturday morning we got ourselves together (I, as usual, lacked the appropriate for yoga clothes) and drove to class.
     It was a trial lesson for us, to see, if we wanted (and could) continue, but there were other, new and experienced, pupils. We lined up in rows (Taka went to a row ahead of me, where he coudn't be of any help, even in an unlikely event if he wanted to do it). Whops, complaining again!
9k= (275×183)     Anyway, we commenced stretching and breathing and tapping (by that I mean, banging) our abdomens, or "dahn jons" - I might not pronounce it correctly. Apparently, "dahn jon" is the second chakra, located in lower spine. That was the easy part of the lesson!
ZvHK2k0.gif (250×300)Seated-Knee-Lifts-with-Chair.gif (640×964)     Honestly speaking, there was nothing too difficult for me to do, until it was time to lie down on the floor (or a mat) and do exercises there. I glanced at Taka. He was already happily staring at the ceiling from his place on the linoleum. The teacher provided a low step stool for my convenience, but, try as I may, it didn't look like a sufficient support for me to get down to the floor and back up. I sat on the chair and decided to do as much as I could right there. 
     Even knowing, how inadequate my chair exercises were, I felt wonderful warmth and euphoria steal over me. It was quite lovely, really, to sense the relaxation, that accompanied them.
     I am not exaggerating. For the first time in my life I felt the relaxation and, yes, euphoria, after doing exercises! 

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