Monday, June 22, 2015


     It's Monday. Over the weekend I went with Taka to the yoga class, Roberta and I attended service at the Creekside Community Church; Taka and I went for a walk. Then he and I watched a movie together.
     All of those things are fairly new for all of us. I wrote about yoga. It's still a wonder to me to remember the feeling of euphoria, resulted from the exercise, imperfect as I was in doing it. I hope and pray, I will have enough will power and motivation to continue!
2Q== (286×176)     The service at the Creekside Community Church was wonderful. The pastor spoke on the topic of real faith. He read from the Acts's chapter 27. It talks of the Apostle Paul and some others being taken as prisoners on the ship to Rome. During a storm, the ship had to run aground, and that's when Paul's faith in God's promise saved the crew and passengers. 
     I like the pastor's sermons at that church. They are not just emotional preaching and wailing, like in some other houses of worship, and not lectures, like in my former church. The atmosphere and the pastor both help to inspire people by equally appealing to their intellect and emotions. 
     My feet and knee were pretty worn out by the uncustomary exercise in yoga class, but, when Taka offered to go for a walk, I readily agreed. We had a small Father's Day celebration shortly before that, and: 
1. I wanted to offer him my compliance, as an additional gift; 
2. Like I said before, I'll take motivation where ever I can find it!
various-+-Lyon-april-07-157.jpg (1956×1360)
     We slowly advanced up our small street. I enjoyed smelling sweet jasmine and magnolia scents, coming from the gardens and didn't anticipate Taka's question. He asked me, if I was ready to come back to sleep in our bedroom.
     Because of various aches and pains for quite a few months I stayed on the living room couch. But that was half of the reason. I feel, for my husband I am, mostly, a worker in the family. I fight for any sign, he considers me more than that. So, it seemed weird to go back to sleep with him, since for me there were no indications, he wished for me to do so. 
anigif_enhanced-buzz-16125-1388969181-5.gif (500×232)     I tried to explain that to Taka, but he went into one of his "pouts". Said, if I don't attend to my "duties" and some imagined agreement, he'll make other arrangements. 
     Now, that didn't help to reverse my mood! 
     "Other arrangements"?!
     I should've walked away right then. Why didn't I? I guess, I had on my mind Mr. P.'s lessons about the non-violent and open communication. On the other hand, I might've been scared.
     I told Taka, a threat to go to someone else for satisfaction showed me, he didn't love me. I said, he didn't need to bring me flowers or diamonds. All I am waiting for is a sign that, he himself wishes for our relationship to be more romantic. 
     I don't think, he thought exactly of romance, and he didn't tell me, he understood, what I was saying, but a few minutes later he began to offer me his help and suggestions for my health and, when we got home, he came out of his "cave" and offered me to watch a movie together!
    2Q== (274×184)    How wonderful! It's been at least 10-15 years since he felt like spending time with me alone even doing such a simple thing! 
Z (275×183)
     Mr. P.'s words that, people's conscientiousness is like a tuning fork and they hear and respond to the truth, when we might not suspect it, came back to me. Taka heard me in his heart and showed it in his actions. 
     Thank you, Heavenly Father, Happy Father's Day for you too!


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