Saturday, June 6, 2015


     Well, this is the week three of Hanah living and working in Santa Rosa. Last Monday we went all together (Sonny, Roberta and I) to pick her up and bring her home for another visit.
 Traveling with Roberta became a problem. Every such event ends with a frantic search for a bathroom for her. Part of the problem is, she does not acknowledge "the problem", until we drive away from a place, where it would be a simple matter to walk to a restroom! Instead, like this time, she announces her need, when we already are on the freeway. 
     There were no obvious places, which would've had "the conveniences", except for a small deli. The man there looked at me coldly and said, their bathroom was out of order, despite the fact that, I asked to use it for frail, old Roberta. We drove to another business in that area, and they, thankfully, were very kind. 
     It took us an hour to get out of there. Roberta was so wiped out by her ordeal, she had to sit down for a while. I bought her some time by purchasing bed sheets (the business  happened to be a warehouse for selling bedding items). 
     By the time we got home, it was too late for kids to go to the movies, as they originally planned. We hung around, talked and listened to music. Roberta conked out, as soon as she made it to her room.
     All that occurred on Monday. Except for some troubling health issues and subsequent visits to a doctor, the week was very quiet. Oh, Taka began to take me out for short walks near our house!
Ah, we were so young, when this picture was taken!
eaning on my cane, I make it to about a block away, and then we turn back. Despite it sounding like such an ordinary thing, I think, its marvelous, that we can spend some time together and talk and walk in a relaxed manner. And it's exercise! 

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