Tuesday, June 25, 2013


     Being a cat is fun, but I am more of a dog person. Dogs have been a part of my life for my whole childhood and youth, and even now, a thought strikes me a few times a day: we need a dog! 
     If I was a dog, what kind would I be? Obviously, not one of the sleek short-haired hunters: I am more of a fluffy, short legged mutt, happy to have a company and loving everybody willing to play with me.  
     As a dog, I'd, probably, live for the times shared with my humans. I hope, I'd be something of a mystery, though, like the Doberman Pinscher we had in our neighborhood when I was in my twenties. He had a name in English: the Beast. The brown, powerful animal, largely, "walked alone", in other words, the owners let him out by himself. One foggy morning, I was returning home from a run. Suddenly, I felt somebody behind me. I looked. The fog parted at that moment, and there he stood - the Beast! That was eerie enough for me to remember for the rest of my life. I also saw the Beast at the dog place in our woods. He was playing with another canine. The way he did it was remarkable: he would clamp his teeth on the furry opponent's shoulder, twist it 'til the dog fell over and, quick as a lightning, switch the teeth to the throat. That's exactly the way the wolves kill their bigger prey! 
     Wishful thinking! I can never be that much of a  predator! The need to belong and be liked is too strong in me. I would love, as a dog, of course,  to lay my head on someone's knee and sigh contentedly. Is that something to apologize about? I don't think so! Isn't that the way the dogs are made to be?

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