Monday, June 10, 2013


We took Elf to a dogs' "leash free" place in the woods near our home. There he socialized with other dogs and we had fun watching them. Elf proved to be a hopeless coward. When he was still a puppy, I saw two big German Shepherds take run at him. They picked him up with their noses and flipped him over their backs. Since then, he was scared of everything, and especially, of the German Shepherds! When Juli (our first dog), still a puppy, saw a horse in the woods , he sat down, lifted his tiny nose to the sky and barked his head off, warning the horse not to come any closer to his humans. When Elf took a first look at the horse, he ran so fast that, in a few seconds I couldn't see him anymore. I think, he got an idea that, it was a huge Doberman Pinscher and not another kind of animal. 

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