Friday, June 14, 2013


Somehow, our whole family, especially, my father and I, are prone to find ourselves in ridiculous or awkward situations. The one that comes to mind now, happened after mom already passed away. I, as I do about eighty percent of my time, was driving kids somewhere. Dad sat in the passenger seat of the van. The day was hot, and even the open windows didn't provide enough refreshment. We decided to go buy some ice-cream from McDonald's. I drove through, purchased the cones of soft-serve and distributed them among all of us. Usually, my dad is very careful with the ice-cream and takes it in cups. That time he wanted a cone, like everybody else. We drove off, losing ourselves in cool sweetness of our treats. I think, the person who invented ice-cream, no matter what else he did in life: cheated, lied, killed - deserves to go to heaven for all the enjoyment he brought to the world! Anyway, here we were, licking our cones with abandon, when I felt something cold and wet hit my cheek. And again! I looked around. Dad was having as much fun with his ice-cream as the rest of us, but the wind from the open window was whipping it off the cone and unto me and the dashboard and the windshield! 

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