Sunday, June 30, 2013


     Life is a funny thing. It waits for you to relax and say to yourself: "Everything is fine." Then it serves you a surprise or two and you reel from them for a long time. Day before yesterday, Sonny went to meet his friends at the movies. They were going movie-hopping, to see The Man of Steel and This is the End. It took about 6 hours, and then he called to ask me to be picked up. Roberta decided to run away with me, so the two of us hopped in the car. We felt care-free and confident, why wouldn't we? Drove through the McDonald's and ordered some large Cafe Mochas. As we entered the street again, Sonny called. He said, he was sick and didn't know where he was. 
     I was so stunned, that I drove in the wrong direction. The landmarks that he described were so vague, I was wondering, how to find him. Fortunately, I know most of the restaurants in the area, so I was able to, finally, understand, where he was. Roberta was going at her Cafe Mocha with a gusto, but I lost all desire for mine. It was just wobbling and vibrating in the cup holder. Soon we found Sonny. He was pale, but felt better after throwing up a few times. The friends and he went to a Japanese restaurant in a seedy part of town. Its funny, - for years I wanted to take kids there, but they always talked me out of it, saying that the quality of the food could be unhealthy for us. They proved me wrong again!
     As I was talking to Sonny and trying to establish some degree of mental stability for myself, I was fidgeting with the things near me. I picked up my purse that was next to the cup holder and felt something heavy crush to the floor. At first, I thought, it was my wallet (there's no money in it, its heavy because of all the receipts that I collected). Roberta looked down and gasped: My large Cafe Mocha, with it's generous dollop of whipped cream and chocolate swirls, fell and ended up in her bag! Well, better hers than mine!

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