Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Have I ever told you that most mornings I wake up with a song in my head? I don't know, where they come from: sometimes its something absolutely removed from the experience of the past day or my thoughts, like when I got to run the song from Evita, "The New Argentina", over and over in my head for a few days in a row! Today, its a Russian song from a movie about a spy. 

In the spring woods, I drunk the birch sap,
Spent my nights with a beautiful songbird in a haystack.
 I couldn't keep what I had, what I found, I lost.
I was brave and lucky, but didn't know happiness

And I was blown around like an autumn leaf;
I changed the cities and the names.
I breathed the dust of the foreign roads, 
Where nothing is sacred, and the moon doesn't shine.

And I flicked the cigarette butts into the ocean,
Cursed the beauty of the isles and the seas,
And the malaria ridden fogs of the Brazilian swamps,
And the wine in the dives,
And the boredom of the camps.

If I could cross out my whole life,
Fly back to my beautiful songbird..
But will the Motherland recognize me
As one of her missing children?

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