Thursday, June 20, 2013


    I was just talking to someone about marriage. She is a single lady in her 60s. She said: "You get tired to wake up with nobody beside you!" I thought of another conversation I had with a married friend. Her husband had to go on business trips all the time. She stayed at home, alone, for weeks at a time. I asked her: "How can you stand this?" She responded: "This is the only way I CAN stand it!" In other words, the only way she could tolerate her hubby was to have him be absent from home for long periods of time. In Japan, I heard, women have a new sickness: the Retired Husband Syndrome. Knowing the Japanese men, I can understand this. The poor ladies just pray usually for the time when a husband goes to work and they can be at peace. When he retires, they lose their respite!

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