Wednesday, June 26, 2013


     The mother-kitty began to come to our yard at night and cry for her babies. We would have given them back to her, but, first of all, she didn't want to come out in front of us, and, second, we were afraid to let the kittens out without supervision. There are raccoons, vultures and dogs patrolling the neighborhood. I sat outside, with the kittens in a secure place that they could leave, if they wanted to. From the corner of my eye I saw a Tortie cat lurking in a bush nearby. She was afraid to come out, so I left and went to watch from the bedroom window. Mama-cat showed up from the bush and meowed. The kittens heard her, and three of them, the biggest of the bunch, climbed out of the box and joined her. Not losing any time on licking or cuddling, she led them into the bushes. The experiment was successful, I thought that we can repeat it and let her have the rest of the kittens, but in a few hours we found the ones that she took, alone, dehydrated and miserable. Whether she left them to go find food or for good, we didn't know. We brought them home.

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