Tuesday, June 11, 2013


That experience stayed with Hanah for a long time. A few years in a row, she talked her brother, Sonny, into just putting on modest face masks and going trick-or-treating. Sonny, of course, was adorable in anything he wore. As a child, people would pick him out of a crowd of hundreds of costumed children and aah and ooh over his cuteness. He was a fearless trick-or-treater for the UNICEF (collecting money  during Halloween for the organization that aids families around the world), while also asking for candy for himself.  
Hanah kept herself in check, when it came to Halloween, until the High School. Then her inner drama queen came out as she joined the Drama Club. All bets off, the next thing you know, she is wearing her costume from Macbeth (in the school production, the King Duncan became a Queen Duncan, and she played her).  Furthered by the appreciative comments from her teachers and peers, she forgot her inhibitions. The year when the Avatar came out, she was a, somewhat plump and resembling a Cheshire Cat, blue alien with a tail.  
The crowning glory of Hanah's Halloween costume career was the senior year of the High School, when for three days before, during and after the holiday, Hanah walked around with anatomically correctly painted bones on her arms, hands, legs and feet, that she did herself (that was when she broke her wrist and kept looking at the anatomy of a skeleton). The school has pictures of her, I have pictures of her with the "bony" limbs. There's no denying  it, Hanah is Hanah, no matter what the convention dictates or her, more conforming friends do, she'll follow her heart's desire. And I love her for it! 

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