Wednesday, June 19, 2013


     Have I ever told you about how I met the people from Guru Maharagi's group? 
My friends in Russia were a little more concerned about the spirituality. I used to get info about the cultural events, or found good tickets to theaters and concert halls. They kept meeting some interesting  people from different religious groups and persuasions. They brought me to meet the Guru Maharagi's followers. I can't tell you now, what that group believes. Suffice it to say, they looked properly "New Agey". One of them was a Russian woman and two others - Indian men. At that time there was no freedom of religion in the Soviet Union. In fact, there was a persecution of religion, no matter - foreign or domestic. We had a chance to meet and discuss the spiritual things in somebody's homes, and there was always a danger that one person present (or more) will inform to the Police and the KGB. Of course, I wasn't at all interested in religions, those were more of the social gatherings for me. 
     We met with the Guru's followers a couple of times at one address, then I was invited to go somewhere else to see them. Before, they talked about achieving a higher level of existence through fasting, meditation and vegan-ism. My good friend was really taken by that philosophy. For a long time after that, she tried to practice the things that she learned from them. I remember how she called me crying one day, when she was already married to her fanatically carnivore husband. Her digestive system worked much better on a vegetarian diet and couldn't deal with meat, meat, meat - all the time.
     Anyway, that was in the future. Here we were now, at somebody'd flat, sitting around, talking about everything in the world. Suddenly, I heard in my ear: "I want you!" I knew, it didn't come from a girl that was speaking to me! I was startled. Looked around the room, who could've said this. There, on the bed, was one of Guru's followers. He was meditating and, probably, was very good at that, because I didn't even see him until then. He was right there, but, kind of, phased out of the physical plain. Now I could see him well, and his eyes were fixed on me, burning out of their darkened sockets. It didn't feel like a sexual come-on, though, and he never acknowledged me before, beyond simple politeness.
     Do you know what I did? I totally forgot about this incident for a few months! Now I think, that that proves it to be a real spiritual experience. I had no way to recognize what it was then, didn't know how to deal with anything like that, but after learning about God and the Spirit World, I realized that it wasn't the Indian fellow who wanted me, but my Heavenly Father calling me. Perhaps I'm mistaken. Perhaps - not...

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