Tuesday, June 18, 2013


     So, about Janine. She was also matched to a Japanese fellow. Taka spoke some English, enough for us to, mostly (keep my fingers crossed) understand each other. Janine's fiancee didn't. They decided to make it a go, anyway. As we sat on the plane back to L.A., Janine was sharing her concerns with me. "I need romance," - she cried - "How are we going to get to love each other if he can't even tell me about himself?" I had no answers, just tried to help her relax and laugh. On the stop-over in Dallas, we had to go through a long tunnel to the other terminal. Janine and I remembered, how our pastor told us that the Japanese businessmen exchange business cards even in the pool (the rubber ones). We were walking in the tunnel and laughing 'til the tears ran from our eyes, because the first thing both of our intended husbands did upon the introduction, was give us their business cards. We became hysterical, talking about it. Suddenly, Taka appeared in front of me. He was flying to San Francisco and had to take the same lay-over. The only thing I thought of to tell him was: "We were just talking about you!" He replied: "Please make it so we can get together soon!" So romantic! It reminded me a Soviet song about two young communists. He was sent to the war to the West of the country, she - to the East. Sounds just like us!

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