Friday, June 21, 2013


I was just watching a program about the children-soldiers in the African countries, abducted from their homes, forced to commit unspeakable crimes against the very people that they come from. Even if they get away, what kind of lives can they live, what kind of future can they have? Can they get along with parents, siblings, wives, neighbors? What kind of a world is this, that thousands, hundreds of thousands of children in it can be made suffer and lose every possibility of normal lives? When are we going to start to look out for each other? The United States is becoming a pretty good country in this sense. People try to interfere on each other's behalf. This is not just some flag waiving: I experienced it personally. But  we close our eyes to what's happening in the rest of the world. We hear or see it, time to time, on the news or in the movies. We empathize with the suffering, but we are not motivated enough to yell and scream and let the extent of our indignation be known to the powers to be. Until we see another program, we exist in happy oblivion. Do we really want the pain to stop? How far are we willing to go to help change this stinking world?

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