Sunday, June 16, 2013

     Hey, a new topic! I love TV, don't you? Now a lot of people switched to watching their favorite programs online. I'm still a tube-addict. My new favorite new show is "Bamshee". I loved it so much that I chose to watch it on On Demand TV, for
 $1 an episode. I have no idea if any of you saw it, so I'll tell you about the plot. An ex-con, who had the audacity and misfortune to fall for the daughter of the Ukrainian mafia boss, gets released from prison and goes to find his girlfriend, who since then left her father and lives in the Amish country-side, married and having a family under an assumed name. He catches up with her and, himself, assumes the name and the position of a sheriff in that area. He then proceeds to deal with the crime problems in his vicinity in a decidedly violent way, while the Ukrainian mafia boss looks for him and his ex-girlfriend.
     The show speaks to me because the protagonist, as well as the supporting roles, all display the unusual depth of character for an action flick. Of course, there's a lot of bloody fights and very explicit sex scenes, but I like watching the fights! Ha-ha..
     Another aspect of the program attracts me: there's a fascinating combination of the pacifist Amish, violent mafia and some other personalities who choose to do unsavory things, sometimes, because of the noble motivations. Its a tense, the edge of the seat entertainment, that leaves you asking yourself some hard questions. Would I do those things in the same situation as the characters in the story? Do I judge them too harshly?
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