Sunday, June 9, 2013


I am not glad that Roberta and Dr. Park fell into my lap. I am overjoyed that it happened. She took my mind off the sadness I felt about my father's passing and her presence has been a great catalyst for many good decisions that I've made since. Dr. Park sometimes wear thin on me, but who would argue with free cooking and cleaning? I never confronted them about their lies yet, though. Perhaps, I'll wait for an opportune moment! 
In Las Vegas, Dr. Park met with a family that I met here, in the Bay Area, before. They exist on the fringes of our movement, participating when it suits them and doing their own thing when it doesn't. They left this area because the Child Protective Services were after them. Dr. Park had a dubious pleasure of them falling into his lap. He felt sorry that they lived in the van, with all the kids. He rented a house and let them stay there. In a month or so, he came back to us, in a terrible state of mind. They never paid rent, used him any way they could and refused to leave. I would choose my con-artists over those people any day! How about you?

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