Tuesday, June 11, 2013


There are so many stories that I can tell about Elf, about how beautiful and graceful he was! At the dog training he was impossible. Other dogs would sit and wait. He would invariably jump up and follow me, his tongue lolling. He drove the trainer mad, and then, when it was time to jump over an obstacle, he would sail over, never touching his feet to a small fence, leaving the trainer speechless with wonder. In the winter, he would run out of the door and jump right into the snow pile, although at home he needed a blanket to keep the cold away. He chewed holes in his cover and, while he slept, his ear would stick out of one of those holes and follow the conversation in the room. 
He chewed our shoes and left huge, evil-smelling puddles of urine in the hallway when we left him alone for too long. He snapped at our feet when we tried to jog with him on the woods. He ran away from a little poodle, because he was afraid of it. We loved him, no matter what. 

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