Wednesday, June 19, 2013


     I know that I've told you about my experiences in Italy. How can people leave such a country, I can't understand! The weather was bad, I was desperately sick with the cold and longing for my friends and Russia, but the wonder and life-force of Italy pulled me through. People were talking with their hands, a guy on the public phone sounded like he was giving a speech at the rally, and the Mediterranean Sea's heart beat was in our ears day and night. I guess, I looked Italian, because that's what I heard from about a hundred native residents, who also all wanted to pinch my cheeks. 
     Near where we lived, there was a Baptist mission, that was ministering and witnessing to the immigrants from Russia. They called us to a club to see the American movies. It was the first time that I saw the Lady and the Tramp and Fiddler on the Roof. I laughed so hard, I almost fell off the chair. Another family from the Soviet Union lived next to us, they were from Uzbekistan. We all were homesick, but we helped each other through the bad times. I never told anybody about my newly found faith in God: I didn't quite know, how to do that. We were all raised as atheists, my friends and family would, probably, scold me and make fun of me. 
     I'm writing all that because I noticed that someone from Italy is reading my blog today. I want to thank you for the hospitality and eternal beauty of your country. God bless you!

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