Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Have I ever told you about the kitten plague? Well, here it goes!~ 
It was around 2010. Hanah was gone to an Art Camp in Oregon. Only 200 kids from all the states were invited, but it cost a pretty penny. Funny, she wanted to go to an Art Camp, and I was killing myself, trying to gather the money for it! She didn't move a muscle! Anyway, that was my ranting of the day, so, back to the story. 
I drove Sonny to meet his friends. As we were driving, my phone rang. I could hear Taka, my husband, talking excitedly with Sonny. Sonny didn't understand a word that Taka was saying. It happens when he is too riled up. Something about kittens and our yard. We turned back and came home. My father was watching TV, all was quiet. In the bathroom we came upon Taka washing a tiny kitten! it was so unexpected that I stood speechless for awhile, then found my voice and asked almost calmly: "Why are you washing this kitten?" "He fell into the milk!" - he said. "There are five more of them!"  
In the middle of Sonny's room stood a box, and out of it came piercing meows. The kittens were still very young, of all sorts of colors. Most of them huddled together, but one or two were trying to climb over the side of the box. Sonny and I couldn't believe our own eyes. 
 "Where did you get them?"  
Taka said something that I interpreted as him finding the little runts by the side of the road behind our fence. The mother, probably, just stepped away for a minute, and there was already a Good Samaritan, my hubby, who grabbed her children and took them away. He then proceeded to fill a large plate with milk and put it in the kittens' box. One kitten was unlucky: he ended up splattering inside the plate. Of course, Taka had to wash him! 

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