Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Eventually, the doors were unlocked. I went in (weak with relief) and sat in a different place. The ladies were sitting on one side of the room and the men on the other I later found out that out of three thousand people, I came to be right next to my future husband's sister, Hitomi. Rev. Moon walked in the middle and, time to time, pulled somebody out of the ranks to nudge them toward another person. I found myself in the aisle, looking straight at him. He was very relaxed, sometimes humming a tune, sometimes standing still, head to the side. I was so focused on his face that after awhile, his eyes blurred into one. He asked the women to stand up. In a few moments he pulled me out of a row by the sleeve and threw me at a Japanese guy! I felt so much of both, dread and the excitement, that my mind has gone numb. All I could think of was, if he was tall or not (I'm a shorty). We went upstairs to discuss if we wanted to go ahead with a match. I already made up my mind to accept Rev. Moon's suggestion and, I think, Taka did too. We just made small talk. My brain was still, largely, swimming in a fog, so when we came out of the building to get something to eat, Taka had to support me by putting his arm on my shoulders. Later he denied hearing that it was not advisable in our church for people who are not yet married. He continued to do that right until we got legally married a couple of years later. Then he began to walk, at all tomes, half a mile ahead of me. 

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