Sunday, June 9, 2013


Have I ever told you about my dogs? 
The first one was just a puppy when I lost it. We were going to my Grandmother's "dacha" - a summer house that she rented for the grandchildren. My mother was bringing the little dog that we adopted recently. On the train platform I started to fret and ask to go potty. My mom must've been overwhelmed by the heat, her children's whining and having to deal with a dog, to boot. She brought me to the nurse's station and the nurse liked the dog. And that's where he stayed.  
A few years later we tried again. The puppy was a mutt, he was very small and cuddly. He used to fall asleep with his head in someone's who held him armpit. We called him Juli. When I was about ten, I went to a summer camp. When I came back, the tiny short-haired pup turned into a beige dog with abundant curly ling hair, who was ecstatically welcoming me back. 
Juli was never sad. His black shiny eyes always looked cheerful, and a pink lolling tong gave an impression that he was laughing. He had so much of that curly hair that it was not clear at times, where was his head and where was his tail. Under the thick fur, he was the size of a pigeon. It was especially noticeable when he was wet. He then stood still, his curly tail straight for once and with a little hook on the end. He loved everyone! One time I lost my keys and had to ask a neighbor kid to climb up the water pipe to our second story window and open the door from inside. He then proceeded to call all his buddies to see my collection of wire (we used it to make braided bracelets). My mother came home to find about fifteen kids in her apartment, with Juli, the famous guard-dog, weaving between their legs and having the time of his life.  
One thing about Juli: he was a rake! When a mood was on him, no door could stop him. He would squeeze trough a smallest crack and go to run with a next Mrs. Juli. Once, we looked fro him for a few days. Sometimes we caught a glimpse of him, but he'd always run away. My mom found him on a fifth day. He was so tired that he couldn't run anymore. After we took him home, his partner began to come under our balcony and they would howl together, to our neighbors' annoyance and our chagrin. 


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