Friday, June 28, 2013


     The kittens were very cute. We had tons of fun, watching their individual habits. Zuzu liked to crawl to a person who was near her when she was sleepy and fall asleep while sucking on their jaw! Hanah loved to have her in her room at night. Cuga, if you picked him up, laid him on his back and rubbed him tummy, would immediately doze off. One lady friend told me that, her husband did that too.
     We couldn't keep them any longer. I could tell that they had worms, and we had no money to bring them to the vet. Besides that, despite all my and the kids' denial, the fleas that arrived with the kittens began to let their presence be known. The day came, when we took our kittens to the SPCA. The man came out of a side building, grabbed Zuzu and Cuga by the napes, looked them over and took them in. That was it. I called many times to find out their fate, but the man never even picked up the phone. 

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