Tuesday, June 18, 2013


     Janine and I bumped into each other at the Matching, in 1987. Rev. Moon gathered about three thousand people in the New Yorker Hotel (New York). More then half of them were Japanese or other Asian. After his speech, Rev. Moon asked, who from the Western members would like to be matched to an Asian person. I sat on my hands. The thoughts in my mind were that, I didn't want to make some poor guy unhappy. Imagine, me - with my big mouth and big..everything, trying to harmonize with someone, whose mother, probably, never spoke until spoken to! Rev. Moon looked at the scant hands raised in response to his question and talked a little more, about the meaning of the Blessed  marriage. He reminded us that we did not, primarily, marry for our own happiness. The institution of marriage in our movement is for bringing peace  and restoration of the past conflicts. That gave me something to think about. I watched some of my friends being matched. Suddenly, I had to get a drink of water! I left the ballroom where the matching took place, got a drink and tried to come back. The doors were locked! I ran around, trying all the doors leading into the ballroom - no luck! I broke out in sweat and started praying harder. A lot of times in my life, Someone up there puts me through these kind of trials, just to see if I really want something. 

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