Friday, June 7, 2013


Reeling mentally, I called him back. He then informed me that, although there was no direct evidence that Roberta lied about her life before the church, except that her grandson seemed to indicate that her first husband was not killed in Korea, but lives peacefully in Ohio, but plenty of people knew that she lied about her life in the church. For example, she was not married or Blessed to a Korean guy. What they both said about that was a fabrication. Their school that, supposedly, was sponsored by our movement, was almost non-existent 
Now all the suspicions I had have come to fester in my mind. Mostly, I was angry that people who knew about Roberta never thought to tell me that she was a habitual liar. And then, there was the matter of her husband, Dr. Park.  
Roberta told a pretty story about how they met on a subway in Seoul, Korea. He approached her, asked her what she was doing in Korea. They made acquaintance. According to her, he asked her to do his taxes for the U.S. (he has an American Citizenship and lived here for a long time). After a while, he proposed marriage. According to him. he made mad kind of money before and after he joined our church and started the school with Roberta.  

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