Friday, June 14, 2013


All my concepts about the cats were challenged by Chicken Bone. He was affectionate, but not desperate to me held or fondled every time the humans wanted to do so. For a while, he was happy to fall asleep in my arms. One evening, though, he fell asleep next to me on the couch. I watched a little animal slowly slipping off the upholstery to the floor. I caught him just in time, but he got an idea that I had some nefarious plans on his life, and he fell because of me. For some time he didn't want me to hold him. It changed greatly after Hanah went to college. Chicky spent whole evenings sleeping on my chest. 
But that was a long way off. The tiny beast was wild and ferocious. Try changing sheets with a sharp clawed little hunter deciding that every hill in on the bed is a prey! He also had a propensity for getting in trouble. Sticking his head between the chair prongs was a bad idea: they were wide apart at the top and very narrow on the bottom. The sight of a kitten being suffocated in the back of a chair is not conducive to a stressless living. Another time I made a great toy for Chicky he was string crazy, so I tied two pieces of string on opposite ends of a hanger. By twirling the hanger by its hook, I whipped him into a frenzy. At the time I was talking to my husband. I guess, I got destructed. Suddenly, Taka lunged towards me. The kitten got tangled in the strings and was hanging off the  toy by the neck! "Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh my God!!!" - was all I could utter, while trying to cut the Chicky out of the contraption. He was OK!  

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