Friday, June 14, 2013


At six months, he lost his "family jewels". Chicken Bone became tamer, but is just as cute. He filled out and felt that he was the boss of our household. Was he surprised when another car showed up! 
I found Sylvie by my church building. She was a plushy, all gray kitty, with a small white spot on her belly. Sylvie is all girl. While Chicky has long legs and walks like a tiger, turning his paws as if they are too heavy for him, plodding along, his head low to the ground, Sylvie is short-legged, she makes tiny mincing steps, but when she is troubled, which happens often, you don't mess with her. Its been nine years since she's been with us, but she still doesn't let Chicky near her. Even if she thinks that he is coming towards her, she hisses and spits and grumbles. One funny thing about her: she loves to take people to the bathroom. She, usually, waits until you start making your way  there, runs ahead and plays a guide. The problem is that she observes all the formalities, like - stopping to rub her cheeks on the doorpost and bow and stretch. If you are in a hurry, it can be trying! She also runs into the bathroom and rolls in front of the toilet bawl. If we try to pass her, she grumbles. The point is, its her or us, right?   

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