Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hmm.. What else? A llama? A camel? A Hare?  
     I know, - a bird! Lets see: should I be an eagle or a hawk? Just kidding! I really like the budgies. Little birds look so cheerful and cute, with fat cheeks and all colors of the rainbow. But, I think, I would be the off-white one, with the rosy cheeks. I'd be very inquisitive, waddling around  with my head cocked to the side, plucking people's ears with my beak.  
    What could make me happy, as a bird? A nice, juicy worm? Ugh (like the Americans say)! Perhaps, I would choose climbing on my human's shoulder and peck on a piece of sugar? Or swinging on a tiny swing in my cage? Still, being out of the cage would be preferable. Until the cat shows up, that is!  

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