Monday, June 10, 2013


A few summers later my mother was in a hospital and dad took care of us. We could never prove it, but I think, he did it. One day dad went to a store, also taking Juli for a walk. He tied him up in front of the shop, and when he came out, Juli wasn't there. We searched, but didn't find him. I think, dad gave him to someone, to ease his burden.  
Once you have a dog, you'll always wish for that kind of companionship. When I was in High School, mom, who worked in a medical research institute, brought home a puppy, Doberman Pinscher. He was born to a dog that they had in a lab. I knew that she'll be bringing him, so I ran home from school during the recess. A little dog sat in a basket, hanging his nose gloomily. He climbed out of it when he saw me and I noticed that his head and paws were way too big for such a small body! He imprinted on me that moment and never wanted to be apart from me. We never had such hard time toilet training Juli as we did with Elf (that's what I called him). Our whole apartment was covered in plastic, that collected odorous deposits from Elf. When he grew out of it, and his ears stood up, it was time to clip them. Mother found a vet who would come to our home and do it cheaper then at the clinic. We-e-ll, never deal with a cheap doctor! He was drunk! He cut too little off Elf's ears (usually, the Doberman's ears look like little horns: there's not much left after the clipping). For better or for worse, when Elf grew up, he looked like a doe - "a deer, female de-e-e-r" - so big his ears turned out to be. We put the clipped pieces on the balcony and they froze there. Elf would sniff at them and, for some reason, get all scared. He outgrew his ungainliness and became a sleek, beautiful animal, maybe, a little too small for his breed.  

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