Monday, September 9, 2013

SOME ERRANDS AND A CAT VIDEO when you're bored (Когда нечем заняться)

     This is me today. I, actually, have a lot to do, but there are problems that force me to postpone doing anything. In the morning, of course, Sonny overslept and I had to drive him to Berkeley. It seems like a small trip, but an hour's driving (30 min. - there and 30 min. - back) is pretty hard to take. 
I started a group for our church members from the Eastern Europe using the church directory of the members world wide. I found all the Slavic sounding names (comparing them with the first names and the countries where they were from) and sent them an e-mail. So far, out of about 30 people that I contacted, one responded. Let's hope they will not think that I'm some  internet fiend, who is trying to scam them!

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