Sunday, September 22, 2013


     My husband... Over the last twenty five years we had more differences than things in common. I don't know, how we stayed together, certainly not because of my abilities. With time, it became easier to tolerate each other's opinions and behavior. Now it seems, we, at least, agree on most things. Like Dr. Park.
     Actually, after I insisted that Taka would get involved in that situation, he tried to approach it from a, safe in his eyes, practical point of view. Yesterday morning I overheard him talk to Park in the kitchen. Park, as usually, when talking with Taka, was simpering and looked like he was wagging his tail. Taka asked him, what his and Roberta's plans were about their place of residence. He and Park made an appointment for all of us to get together and talk today. 
     In the afternoon today the peace talks began. Taka told Roberta and Park that, although he always thought that as husband and wife they should be together, it's been six months since Park came to stay with us as Roberta's visitor. Now, did they have any plans to find their own place? We need to know it because, if they do, we need to insulate the house for the winter. 
     "What? Is that the only reason why he started this?" - that was my frustrated thought.
     He wanted to convey also that, if they wanted to change to another caretaker instead of me, he would have to increase their rent to $ 685.00, since the $ 300 that Roberta pays now for both of them, including rent, food, gas, electricity and Internet. 
To be Continued

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