Thursday, September 5, 2013


It's Rosh Hashana! Shona Tova! Congratulations! May the next year of your life be sweet and prosperous, MAY YOUR NAME BE WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE!
     Whether you are Jewish or not, it is good to reflect on your deeds of the past year. Or - years! Life is so much sweeter when you are sweet to others. By that I mean that, people's hearts and life's opportunities open when you treat others right. 
     This is the time to reflect and re-direct your behavior, or - in plain English - repent and determine to live better. 
     This is also the time to ask our Heavenly Parent to grant us a year of happiness and prosperity. That's why it is customary in the Rosh Hashana season to eat apples and other things dipped in honey. 
     What was that about the book of life? On the last day of Rosh Hashana, the great shofar (horn) will sound, and the names of all, who follow God's precepts of living, will be written in the Book of Life for the next year. I'd like to be in that book, won't you?

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