Sunday, September 29, 2013


     I was looking for a video about Baba Vanga in English or with the English subtitles, but could not find it. Too bad. All week I watched the series Vangelia that my sister sent me. It's a movie about a famous seer from Bulgaria. I never heard her name before. The series shook me up not only because of a mere possibility that Baba Vanga, a woman who grew up as a peasant, could foresee and foretell such things as the WWII or different world leaders' fates and fortunes, or the attack of 9/11, but also because the women's life stories in the series are powerful and poignant. 
     How close to truth are those stories? I don't know. Vanga herself was a force of nature. Some people say that she was a charlatan or a KGB operative. Who knows! I am not saying here that I believe or disbelieve her. I am saying that I loved the telling of that phenomenal woman's and her phenomenal women friends' lives.
      Imagine any peasant girl who lost her eyesight, but was taught after that in a school for the blind in a city. She learned a different way of life and thinking, was on a verge of a marriage with a man who loved her, and then her father came and brought her back to a remote village to take care of her siblings because their mother died! She chose to go back because it was a right thing to do. What heartbreak! It would seem that her life ended there, if it wasn't for the gift of prophecy. It lifted her from the poverty of day to day strife for survival, made her a beacon for everyone who came in contact with her. 
     To be a light onto others: that is enough. That would be enough.

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