Thursday, September 12, 2013


     Jean and I went together from Wyoming to Colorado, to Kansas, to Nevada and Utah and Nebraska. Plus - a few other states. We worked raising money for our team as well as witnessing and putting up various events. She was from Scotland. At that time I didn't know anything about Scotland's history or that country's fight for independence. She rolled her Rs a bit more than other Brits, that was all that I knew. Jean and I started reading C.S. Lewis' the Chronicles of Narnia. It was fun, and we laughed a lot about the characters in that book. Did you read it? Try, and see what you'll think of it!
     I went to New York to try and allay my parents' fears about me being in the Unification Church. Instead, I was kidnapped by a Jewish organization that took it upon themselves to bring all Jews into Judaism by force, if they deemed it necessary. I ran away and had to change my name and move to another part of California to avoid being recaptured.The last time I saw Jean was a few years later, when the van where I was drove through Bush Street in San Francisco. We were on our way to Los Angeles and our driver and team leader decided to show us the San Francisco's church building. As we passed it on the street, I saw Jean sitting in the bay window. She didn't see us, of course, and my glorious leader would not stop even for a few minutes for me to run and say good bye to my special friend.
     When Jean and her husband came back to England, they tried to start a family, but, I heard, they couldn't have children for a long time. It was strange for me to think that I, who was much younger, had a little daughter by then, and Jean was still waiting. 
     The other day, I went through the whole church directory looking for members from Eastern Europe. In the process, I found Jean's e-mail address in Switzerland! I quickly typed up an excited message to her, and she responded almost immediately. One thing that she already told me was, that she did get to have a daughter! I am now waiting to find out more about her life back in Europe.

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