Thursday, September 19, 2013


     Whenever I told Taka that Dr. Park is out of control, he would dismiss me with a giggle. However, today when I explained that the troll can claim that our house is his simply because he gets mail here, Taka became dead serious. We have a plan now, and I feel better. I'll go to the post office with the proof that this is our house and request that they stop delivering the troll's mail here. It might seem too extreme, but we don't want to lose our home, because the troll took advantage of our hospitality. I just pray that, this will be the end of the whole sorry episode. 
Today, Dr. Park bought a car. He, probably, saved enough money by not buying any food for all these months. In one Russian book I read a joke: "The Communist party has a left wing and a right wing, I hope it will just take off and flies away!" This is what I thought about Dr. Park: "Now he's got a car, I hope, he'll just take off and go away!" 

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